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I came here for a championship. Individual stats are good, but I here for this Grey Cup. I VOTED FOR: 1. This paper presents the design, analysis and experimental verification of strut based lattice structures to enhance the mechanical vibration isolation properties of a machine frame, whilst also conserving its structural integrity. In addition, design parameters that correlate lattices, with… Read more →

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Guys spends 2k getting his castle ready for war games. Shield drops prematurely. He is what we called Zeroed. “You can enjoy life with the peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the best possible preventative healthcare, nutrition, social enlightenment and safety,” says Open Arms CEO and Founder, Michael Griffith. “We also provide several levels of support and… Read more →

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Massive fires in the Amazon have brought global attention to how the country’s leather, beef and soy exports may help contribute to the destruction of one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Brazil exported $1.4 billion in leather products in 2018, with most of it going to the United States, China and Italy, according to the Centre for the Brazilian… Read more →

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Hybrid materials, or hybrids incorporating both organic and inorganic constituents, are emerging as a very potent and promising class of materials due to the diverse, but complementary nature of the properties inherent of these different classes of materials. The complementarity leads to a perfect synergy of properties of desired material and eventually an end product. The diversity of resultant properties… Read more →

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30 years ago Russian troops announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan and it was considered a victory of America, Pakistan and Afghan resistance leaders. Now Russians want a defeat of Americans by using Taliban. All regional powers must realise that peace in Afghanistan can become a victory of all sides. “I want to thank the people of Jackson County and the… Read more →

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