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Migration in farm countryOne region where Vox boasts above average support is in the so called “Mar de plstico” (sea of plastic), the southeastern province of Almera. Intensive farming in this area has covered the arid landscape with hundreds of miles of greenhouses that glitter almost as much as the Mediterranean on a sunny day. Farmers here are largely dependent… Read more →

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Thousands upon countless thousands of glittering jewels each individual star a pinprick of light set against the velvet smooth blackness of the deeper void. The arching band of the Milky Way, itself host to billions more stars so far away that we can only see their combined light from our vantage point. The familiar constellations, proudly showing their true character,… Read more →

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Councilman Darryl Glenn predicts the project will sail through a vote from Councilors, since they already met in closed session on the project. Glenn also says urban renewal designation, ruled appropriate by a consultant, is needed to enable a project he’s sure will keep shoppers, and tax money, here while at the same time provide the city’s “last best chance”… Read more →

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His words are followed by a statement in white type on a black screen which reads: “The killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are crimes that remain unsolved. The opinions expressed in this series represent just some of the many conceivable scenarios regarding how those crimes may have occurred. The young relative has never been questioned or charged… Read more →

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Data were transcribed verbatim before researchers independently analyzed the transcripts. Participants reported a cumulative effect with positive feelings increasing throughout the duration of the walk. Long distance walking elicited positive emotions, reduced the effects of life stress, and promoted an increased sense of well being and personal growth. Passion without determination is nothing. Going after something takes a whole lot,… Read more →

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R. YakovlevM. We use femtosecond laser pulses to simultaneously launch the magnetization precession in each of two ferromagnetic layers of a galfenol based spin valve and monitor the temporal evolution of the magnetizations. Fewer people read this than enjoy the briefing, but doing so increases your chances of survival ever so slightly, according to the FAA’s Advisory Circular 7. Knowing… Read more →

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