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And so, LA unfolded. And, with it, Huntington’s desire to create that cultural center, amassed from the collections he and Arabella had assembled over the decades. In signing the trust indenture, the couple created an institution that, as described, would exist for “the advancement of learning, the arts and sciences, and to promote the public welfare.” A modest eight page… Read more →

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Application of functional imaging techniques to animal models is vital to understand pain mechanisms, but is often confounded by the need to limit movement artefacts with anaesthesia, and a focus on evoked responses rather than clinically relevant spontaneous pain and related hyperalgesia. The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential of manganese enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MEMRI)… Read more →

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Word generation has been validated in numerous neuroimaging studies as an effective paradigm to elicit speech lateralization (Benson et al., 1999). Within fTCD it has been used extensively by Knecht and colleagues (Knecht et al., 1998; Knecht et al., 1996) and is widely considered to be a reliable paradigm for determining language dominance in this technique. The paradigm consist of… Read more →

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