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Recently, Iomega NAS group approached us and introduced their offerings in this space. Iomega has an interesting background in this market. They were bought by EMC in 2008 to make sure that EMC had a play in the consumer and small business markets. The influence that consumers have on the lifespan of products has attracted increased attention in recent years.… Read more →

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However, for the last several legislative sessions, lawmakers have introduced a bill, referred to as “Laura Law,” to reinstate a counseling requirement and waiting period. The bill is named after a Cape Cod woman, Laura Hope Smith, who died after receiving an abortion in 2007. The doctor who performed the abortion served jail time after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter,… Read more →

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It is common for pharmaceutical companies to promote medications to physicians during sales visits and events that may involve gifts such as meals and free samples, a practice called “detailing.” In recent years, some AMCs in the United States have instituted policies restricting detailing, but little is known about what effect, if any, such policies have had on prescribing practices… Read more →

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AftermathAfter the revolt, Persian policy was significantly changed in Ionia. Artaphernes called regular assemblies of the heads of the Ionian states so they could air their grievances to him, and the burden of tribute was reduced. Another of Darius’ relatives, Mardonius (who would later command Persian forces in later battles of the Graeco Persian Wars), later deposed the tyrants, (with… Read more →

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Shayna Thow, director of sales for BLVD Marketing Group which handles marketing for two Surrey developments for Vancouver’s Fairborne Homes Ltd. Said Surrey has become a viable option for first time homebuyers who can’t afford to buy in Vancouver. While the average price for a single family detached home in Greater Vancouver has soared to more than $1.36 million, the… Read more →

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