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However, in the case of lower compressive strength and constant slump, the water diffusion coefficient was slightly higher in varied compressive strength and slump. In fact from this research work that, it is possible to establish logarithmic relationship between water diffusion coefficient and square root of time. From this research work, it is possible to establish a power type of… Read more →

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Hassam’s critics counter that he’s just playing politics. According to Sanjar Sohail, publisher of one of Afghanistan’s largest dailies, the black bearded cleric is “exploring the controversy for political gain, and he’s done this kind of thing for years.” He says Hassam has flaunted alleged abuses against him during his time in prison to gain sympathy and malign opponents. At… Read more →

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I use the term queer sex to encompass the sexual behaviors LGBTQ+ identified individuals, as well as the behaviors of heterosexual individuals who prefer non heteronormative sex (Elia Eliason, 2010). Essentially, it is any sexual act other than vaginal penetration with a penis. However, due to the design of my survey and many confounding variables, I largely focus on LGBTQ… Read more →

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Thermoforming of composite and polymer materials is a well known forming method for use with polymers and polymer based materials. This paper will discuss the monitoring methods and results used in a typical thermoforming process based on experimental results from a composite material during Thermal Roll Forming (TRF). The focus of this testing is to characterise the effect of temperature… Read more →

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Coffee beans from the same origin were roasted using six time temperature profiles, in order to identify volatile aroma compounds associated with five common roast coffee defects (light, scorched, dark, baked and underdeveloped). Thirty seven volatile aroma compounds were selected on the basis that they had previously been identified as potent odorants of coffee and were also identified in all… Read more →

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The prime mission ended six years ago, after two years of orbiting Jupiter. NASA extended the mission three times to continue taking advantage of Galileo’s unique capabilities for accomplishing valuable science. The mission was possible because it drew its power from two long lasting radioisotope thermoelectric generators provided by the Department of Energy.. Does Mr Salmond expect anyone to take… Read more →

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SkepticalOne. I am really jealous of people like you. I really am. Medical groups have weighed in on the issue. The American Academy of DermatologyAssociation (AADA) opposes indoor tanning and supports a ban on the sale of indoor tanning equipment for nonmedical purposes. Short of a ban, the AADAwould like the FDA at least to restrict tanning facilities and equipment… Read more →

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“I was pleased to see that the Governor’s proposed budget reflects our State’s continued commitment to K 12 and Higher Education. The Governor’s 2017 2018 budget proposes an increased investment of $1.5 billion in K 12 education and a total funding of $14.6 billion for Higher Education. I endorse the Governor’s call for accountability in our higher education systems, and… Read more →

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