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The existence of energy barriers with or without consideration of the gravity effect, and the irreversibility of wetting transition are discussed based on the presented energy curves. The energy curves show that different routes of the Cassie to Wenzel transition and the reverse transition are the main reason for the irreversibility. Numerical simulations are implemented via a phase field lattice… Read more →

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(NaturalNews) The complexity of the human body is difficult to grasp, even for researchers who devote their entire lives to studying it. One of your body’s most fascinating concepts is its intricately designed cellular structure, and the way in which cells communicate, function, die and regenerate. Fraser and Harry Massey help readers begin to understand the importance of every day… Read more →

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The majority of patients reported quality and safety of CAM (63.2%) and an additional treatment for diabetes (53.5%) as two main reasons for using CAM. About 44% of patients reported that their condition had improved by using CAM (R2=0.512, p=0.004), which was evident by their lowered fasting blood glucose (p=0.045, 7.171 versus 8.767). About 18% perceived their health condition as… Read more →

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Meghan McCain Spars With Cory Booker Over Civility: Beto Was ‘Very Nasty’ to Me!During a Wednesday interview with Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker, The View Meghan McCain did what she apparently does best: Make the conversation about herself and, in this case, her personal beef with a presidential hopeful. After applauding Booker for saying Medicare for All is unrealistic, the… Read more →

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