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They are just as superb and extraordinary as silver products. Silver bracelet 1837 Series to the design of sparkling silver bracelet draw significant numbers of fashion style a perfect round or square circle inscribed with “T CO” and “1837” dumb face design, painting is the essence of design. Tiffany bracelets, whether alone or put together a number of wear, all… Read more →

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Among the most vocal candidate critical of the VEC’s process last night was Julie Hoskin. The Whipstick Ward candidate led the legal challenge against Bendigo’s mosque to the Supreme Court, which dismissed the case in December. Related: Appeal rejected Bendigo Mosque to go ahead But Eppalock Ward candidate Yvonne Wrigglesworth said those candidates’ concerns were not reflected in the wider… Read more →

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Jewish history is sprinkled with overt and painful antisemitism. For centuries it has been an international libeling sport to conspire against Jews. About the Jews control of the economy and the government; lies about rituals killing non Jewish boys to bake their Passover Matzah with the boy blood. I know my purpose. It is to protect the diversity of life… Read more →

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Respondents from Heathcote gave the City of Greater Bendigo an overall performance score of 32, the lowest of all groups within the municipality and 21 points below last year’s score. However, the sample size from Heathcote was only small, with fewer than 30 respondents. Peter Maine, a local businessman and president of Advance Heathcote and Heathcote Tourism and Development, said… Read more →

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We need you to become more involved in the very fabric of your local community. Volunteer for public service in the areas of fire service and the local ambulance group. Get involved in various civic organizations within your community. And somebody’s got to write their prescriptions, that’s what the doctors do. Somebody’s got to act like they’re providing an education… Read more →

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