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THE work been done and now the performers of the Carillon Junior Theatrical Society are set to unveil their latest show. The performers have been preparing for months for their production of Disney Aladdin Jr and say they are now ready to take audiences on a magic carpet ride. READ ALSO: Ainsley Melham visits young performers at Bathurst Carillon Junior… Read more →

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“Maybe Bush. Certainly not Gingrich.”Certainly not, indeed. In the moderate 15th Congressional District, recently orphaned by the exit of its longtime representative, Democrat Norm Mineta, Newt Gingrich is considered poison. I did a systematic wardrobe overhaul four years ago and have since stuck to the “style”. But honestly once I had the necessary foundations for my wardrobe, the biggest thing… Read more →

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There aren’t many outright scares here, and when they do come, they are curiously circumspect so as not to bounce the film up into R rated territory, I suspect. But once the experiment moves to a creaky old house out in the remote countryside, thanks to complaints from neighbors in town (that demon dampening rock music is really loud) and… Read more →

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Maria Cantwell (D), who has supported the war. A new McGavick ad uses the President’s former “stay the course” mantra as a slur against Cantwell and says: “President Bush doesn’t understand our frustrations.” In Minnesota, three term Rep. Mark Kennedy (R) is gaining on prosecutor Amy Klobuchar (D) with an ad that tries to level with voters. Adams also serves… Read more →

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Alexander Pop’s The Rape of the Lock (1714) illuminates the slippery meanings and functions of the bodkin, engaging this small object’s rich literary and cultural heritage that stretches back to antiquity. I link the bodkin’s mutability to feminine violence, charting how women can transform even the smallest of things into weapons of self defence. Uploaded in accordance with the publisher’s… Read more →

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State Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, a prominent voice on Hispanic issues, filed less than an hour after Ellison filed for attorney general. Former state House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher also jumped in.. C., Owens, J., Morgan, H. M. Christmas, S., 30 Mar 2018Article in Patient Education and CounselingCommunicating information concerning potential medication harms and benefits: What gist do numbers convey?Blalock,… Read more →

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NASA has completed the most comprehensive survey ever made of the Earth’s polar ice caps, and confirmed that they’re disappearing at increasing rates. These rates match computer climate models precisely, giving climate scientists greater confidence in their predictions about global warming. The survey combined data from airborne maps and measurements from two ESA satellites. Across the pond, European governments remain… Read more →

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