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R. And Uitterlinden, A. G. A policy for a primary residence will include a $25 surcharge. All other policies, including those of non residential properties and non primary residences, will include a $250 surcharge. In April, FEMA began mailing notification letters to policy holders. XXI. The Seahawks averaged only 23 points a game away from Seattle; the Broncos averaged 36.2… Read more →

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A substantial proportion of patients (45%) reported having experienced at least one safety problem in the previous 12 months, mostly related to appointments (33%), diagnosis (17%), patient provider communication (15%), and coordination between providers (14%). 221 patients (23%) reported some degree of harm in the previous 12 months. The overall assessment of the level of safety of their practices was… Read more →

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When a young brain is exposed to an addictive substance such as nicotine, it to be sensitized to other substances; it tends to seek a thrilling, rewarding sensation, said Chadi. So other substances like marijuana become more appealing. Research, published in the medical journalJAMA Pediatrics, analyzed more than 20 pre existing studies of people ages 10 to 24. This milk… Read more →

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Re: “Why Colorado shouldn’t ban gay conversion therapy,” March 12 letter to the editor. Young people questioning their sexual orientation need a safe place to talk about their feelings. They don’t need to be told that they are doomed to a “profoundly unhappy lifestyle” if they don’t (can’t) change. The signal to noise ratios of detected modulated bioluminescent emissions are… Read more →