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Firstly, the policy aimed at increasing output and/or improving the sector’s competitiveness must identify and address technical inefficiencies among smallholder agricultural farmers. Failure to address such inefficiencies would lead to suboptimal performance operating on a lower production frontier. Secondly, the differences in crop level ecological supply elasticities support regional based agricultural policies rather than a one size fits all centralised… Read more →

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It then proceeds to demonstrate that the values of peace and security that underpin sanctions are essentially normative and should be seen as part of the international legal order and enforceable through sanctions alongside other fundamental norms of international law. Whether viewed as responses to breaches of international law or not, the analysis shows that sanctions are collective measures exclusively… Read more →

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Power is the thread which pulls this altogether and digital media the channel where power operates most persuasively. In Propaganda, Bernays describes PR as the ‘conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses’. He claims this is an important aspect of democracy and who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which… Read more →

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If you think tornadoes on Earth are scary, newly found “space tornadoes” sound downright horrifying. But they are likely the power source behind the beautiful Northern and Southern Lights. A new finding by a cluster of five space probes the THEMIS, or Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms show that electrical funnels which span a volume as… Read more →

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The kitchen now features granite benches, soft close drawers and more storage thanks to a new butler’s pantry, which also offers external access. Both the main bathroom and master ensuite have been modernised through the renovations. The main bathroom, nestled among the bedrooms, impresses with a luxurious bath and spacious shower. A number of Councilmembers including John Kennedy, Margaret McAustin,… Read more →

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