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Coexistence of apparently similar species remains an enduring paradox in ecology. Spatial structure has been predicted to enable coexistence even when population level models predict competitive exclusion if it causes each species to limit its own population more than that of its competitor. Nevertheless, existing hypotheses conflict with regard to whether clustering favours or precludes coexistence. And the way we… Read more →

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I’m sad. Broken. Hurt. 1. Changes to the timing of key lifecycle events can alter selection on lifehistory traits and have the potential to drive a cascade of effects at the community level. We investigated how the growth rate and sexual maturation of two annual killifish species (Austrolebias bellottii and Austrolebias nigripinnis) were altered by a change in the pattern… Read more →

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Participants may only enter via this method once each day during the Sweepstakes Period, for a total of 5 initial entries. Entrants earn 1 bonus entry for every Facebook friend who enters after entrant. Entry constitutes an assignment to Sponsor of all intellectual property rights in the entry materials, if any. As the nation’s fourth largest state, Florida is about… Read more →

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Some time later, she discovered that she was pregnant.She gave birth to a child called Freddy, later cruelly dubbed the ‘bastard son of 100 maniacs’. Freddy was teased at school and throughout life.Raised by a violent foster father, Freddy learnt to enjoy pain, and though the details are never fully explained in the films, it’s possible that his first murder… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractRUNX1 (AML1, CBFalpha2, PEBP2alphaB) is a transcription factor essential for the establishment of the hematopoietic stem cell. It is generally thought that RUNX1 exists as a monomer that regulates hematopoietic differentiation by interacting with tissue specific factors and its DNA consensus through its N terminus. RUNX1 is frequently altered in human leukemia by gene fusions or point… Read more →