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Coexistence of apparently similar species remains an enduring paradox in ecology. Spatial structure has been predicted to enable coexistence even when population level models predict competitive exclusion if it causes each species to limit its own population more than that of its competitor. Nevertheless, existing hypotheses conflict with regard to whether clustering favours or precludes coexistence. And the way we… Read more →

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On Feb. 22, 2008, Millis and three colleagues were driving through the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in a Toyota 4Runner. Fish and Wildlife Service officers stopped them and spotted gallon sized bottles of water. At that point his presence wasn’t formally announced, but baseball fans in the section just below Trump’s suite turned to look toward the box as… Read more →

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One issue with taking various MR measurements over such an extreme time scale, in this case years, is that temperature fluctuations will significantly alter the magnetic field strength produced by the sensors constituent magnets. While the RF transmit receive circuit has been built so that MR can still be conducted at a range of frequencies without altering the tuning or… Read more →

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The Raman method described here represents an improvement on previously reported work, in that it can be easily applied on line and is approximately 500 times faster. This offers the potential of an industrially compatible method for determining parahydrogen content in applications that require the storage and usage of hydrogen. Uploaded in accordance with the publisher’s self archiving policy. First… Read more →

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We show that for these weights the generalized Eichler integral gives an injection into the first cohomology group with values in a module of holomorphic functions, and characterize the image. We impose no condition on the growth of the automorphic forms at the cusps. Our result concerns arbitrary cofinite discrete groups with cusps, and covers exponentially growing automorphic forms, like… Read more →

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