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Kinetochores are multiprotein complexes that couple eukaryotic chromosomes to the mitotic spindle to ensure proper segregation. The model for kinetochore assembly is conserved between humans and yeast, and homologues of several components are widely distributed in eukaryotes, but key components are absent in some lineages. The recent discovery in a lineage of protozoa called kinetoplastids of unconventional kinetochores with no… Read more →

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Bass, panfish and catfish: Stocked largemouth bass, panfish, trout and channel catfish are still biting around the area. The Ohio Erie Canal Reservation ponds in Cuyahoga Heights were recently stocked with rainbow trout and channel catfish. Trophy largemouth bass and chunky panfish were released recently in Beyer’s Pond in Middleburg Heights and Wallace Lake in Berea.. The production pulls some… Read more →

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Workaholism refers to the uncontrollable need to work and comprises working compulsively (WC) and working excessively (WE). Compulsive Internet Use (CIU), involves a similar behavioural pattern although in specific relation to Internet use. Since many occupations rely upon use of the Internet, and the lines between home and the workplace have become increasingly blurred, a self reinforcing pattern of workaholism… Read more →

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Methods: The transcriptome from bronchial biopsies and epithelial brushings of 107 moderate to severe asthmatics were annotated by gene set variation analysis (GSVA) using 42 gene signatures relevant to asthma, inflammation and immune function. Topological data analysis (TDA) of clinical and histological data was used to derive clusters and the nearest shrunken centroid algorithm used for signature refinement. Results: 9… Read more →

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Housed just down the hall are Baker’s Field Flour Bread, Alemar Cheese, and Red Table Meat Co. Separately, these artisans represent the pinnacle of their respective crafts. All had built respected reputations by quietly supplying high end restaurants as far away as Los Angeles, but Folliard felt they weren’t receiving their due at home. The event horizon is equivalent to… Read more →

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Five super ordinate themes emerged from the dataset: (i) reservations about participating,(ii) improvements in psychosomatic well being,(iii) spiritual growth,(iv) awareness of impermanence and (v) increased sense of citizenship. MAT was experienced as both an acceptable and accessible intervention by individuals with FMS, and participants reported experiencing improvements in psychosocial functioning as well as an increased sense of societal responsibility. MAT… Read more →

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