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This book examines the Conservative party’s changing positions on a range of social policy areas, in particular since 1997. It provides a critical consideration of these changes and of the current state of Conservative social policy. This is first book to analyze social policy under the new Con Lib government, covering the changing face of Conservatism and social policy over… Read more →

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Factors governing the turnover of organic matter (OM) added to soils, including substrate quality, climate, environment and biology, are well known, but their relative importance has been difficult to ascertain due to the interconnected nature of the soil system. This has made their inclusion in mechanistic models of OM turnover or nutrient cycling difficult despite the potential power of these… Read more →

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Business or the two would create a new entity overseas. Company often maintains both its corporate headquarters and control of the company. That’s what Medtronic and Covidien are doing. Craig Spurrier holds almost all the positions of responsibility granted to users (Administrator, Bureaucrat, Checkuser, Arbitrator) and hence his comments against Neutralizer would, understandably, seem intimidating. There is, though, no evidence… Read more →

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Thus, it was hypothesized in the present study that the neural correlates of GSE might be related to changes in the basal ganglia, which is a region related to the abovementioned self efficacy factors. This study aimed to identify the brain structures associated with GSE in healthy young adults (n=1204, 691 males and 513 females, age 20.71.8 years) using regional… Read more →