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The molecular features of DM are formation of RNA foci, co localisation of MBNL proteins with ribonuclear foci, splicing defects of a subset of pre mRNAs with elevation ofCUGBPI in DMl.In order to develop therapy for DM, assays were designed based on the molecular characteristics of the disease to screen compounds. Two primary assays were based on disruption of nuclear… Read more →

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And Maras, Athanasios and McGrath, Lauren and Miguel, Eurpedes C. And Mir, Pablo and Nestadt, Gerald and Nicolini, Humberto and Okun, Michael S. And Pakstis, Andrew and Paschou, Peristera and Piacentini, John and Pittenger, Christopher and Plessen, Kerstin and Ramensky, Vasily and Ramos, Eliana M. I (stunk) pretty bad today, but our defense saved us, Brady said after throwing for… Read more →

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Oh, Amy, this poem expresses my own experiences in life, also. We certainly have had similar circumstances and life experiences and lessons. What a wonderful poem. That’s what this article is about: Five practical ways to raise your level of consciousness starting right now. (I’m also publishing a follow up article listing things to avoid that crush your consciousness.) For… Read more →