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Markram, Henry and Muller, Eilif and Ramaswamy, Srikanth and Reimann, Michael W. And Abdellah, Marwan and Sanchez, Carlos Aguado and Ailamaki, Anastasia and Alonso Nanclares, Lidia and Antille, Nicolas and Arsever, Selim and Kahou, Guy Antoine Atenekeng and Berger, Thomas K. And Bilgili, Ahmet and Buncic, Nenad and Chalimourda, Athanassia and Chindemi, Giuseppe and Courcol, Jean Denis and Delalondre, Fabien… Read more →

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Le consortium se dit satisfait de ses auditoires olympiques. La victoire du Canada contre les tats Unis en hockey a tabli un record d’auditoire dans l’histoire de la tl au pays (16,6 millions de tlspectateurs). Au Qubec, la cote d’coute de 2,5 millions est la plus importante pour un vnement sportif. And that’s what happened. I credit my whole team.”Said… Read more →

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There is a clinical need for objective evidence based measures that are sensitive and specific to ADHD when compared with other neurodevelopmental disorders. This study evaluated the incremental validity of adding an objective measure of activity and computerised cognitive assessment to clinical rating scales to differentiate adult ADHD from Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).Adults with ADHD (n=33) or ASD (n=25) performed… Read more →

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Small bowel water content (SBWC) rose from baseline, peaking at 45 minutes after fructose ingestion while breath hydrogen peaked later at 75 minutes. Ascending colon volume rose after CRF, significantly more for male volunteers than female (P = 0.025).Conclusions: CRF constricts the small bowel and increases fructose malabsorption as shown by increased ascending colon volumes. This mechanism may help to… Read more →

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We present a new model for an axisymmetric vortex ring confined in a tube. The model takes into account the elliptical (elongated) shape of the vortex ring core and thus extends our previous model [Danaila, Kaplanski and Sazhin, J. Of Fluid Mechanics, 774, 2015] derived for vortex rings with quasi circular cores. First launch an intensive campaign that stresses the… Read more →

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Request that Canada arrest and extradite Ms. President Donald Trump even mused that when Weng is extradited he may free her without charge. To immediately effect the extradition or risk our withdrawal of the case against Meng.DONALD McKAY(It’s dragged out way too long.)Related to the article on Alberta need to fix the economy, we must fix health care. The evidence… Read more →

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Lattice strategies that capitalised on TO results were found to be considerably (40 50%) superior in terms of specific stiffness when compared to the structures where this was not the case. The Graded strategy was found to be the most desirable from both the design and manufacturing perspective. The presented pros and cons for the various proposed design strategies aim… Read more →

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