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Borrelia burgdorferi protein BBK32 binds to soluble fibronectin via the N terminal 70 kDa region, causing fibronectin to undergo conformational extensionHarris, G., Ma, W., Maurer, L. M., Potts, J. R. Particularly in less developed regions, jotedars began to make substantial profits and gained power through their roles as grain or jute traders and, more importantly, by making loans to sharecroppers,… Read more →

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That is certainly welcome, as is Whitman’s focus on accountability. Consider that in 2015, 171 children died in Texas of abuse and neglect, many under tragic circumstances that were preventable. That is up from 151 in 2014. This paper presents a case study of the costs and benefits of restoring agricultural crop fields to grasslands in the upper Midwest. Parameters… Read more →

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Despite the fact that the concept of incorporating Negative Stiffness (NS) elements within mechanical systems was formulated and validated more than 40 years ago, it has only recently received consistent attention. In this work, the design of a layered mechanical metamaterial having implemented NS inclusions is presented and its acoustic wave propagation properties are modelled. A dedicated two dimensional periodic… Read more →

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A journalist who writes about aviation. A 19 year old intern who’s just caught Potomac fever. A jogger who lives near Eastern Market. It should be noted that the conventional cleanup methods using booms and sorbents are typically used as a first line of response to oil spills with the alternative measures coming secondary. 6. Controlled Burning Where there is… Read more →

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