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To test the efficiency of these templates, user experience (UX) tests were conducted during classes to compare games created by pupils who used templates and those who started to create a game from scratch. Preliminary results showed that these templates allow learners to focus on subject relevant problem solving activities rather than on understanding the functionality of the app. This… Read more →

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Eddie Johnson raced away from the Portland midfield and then dribbled through four Timber defenders before curling a ball off his left foot into the corner of the net. The floodgates opened for Seattle after Johnson’s highlight and dominated the next 30 minutes of the game. The story seemed all too familiar to Timbers fans this year; the Timbers have… Read more →

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Department of Defense officials who held the press briefing released the five clips, which they said were just a tiny fraction of the largest cache of senior terrorist materials ever collected. Their stockpile, recovered by Navy Seals, includes DVDs and other videos, thumb drives and volumes of written documents. It’s unknown but certainly hoped that the Department of Defense will… Read more →

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Circadian rhythms are endogenously driven biological cycles with periods of approximately 24 hours and influence many systems and processes in the body of an organism. Many circadian rhythm components, like the proteins timeless (TIM), crytopchrome (CRY), and clock (CLK), are phylogenetically conserved in organisms as diverse as Drosophila and humans. Drosophila has been studied extensively, with the best characterized clock… Read more →

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LAST YEAR: Despite injuries to key players, mediocre receiving corps and weak run defense, Patriots reached third straight AFC championship game. Lost to Broncos 26 16, allowing 507 yards, most in Bill Belichick 14 seasons as coach. Injuries sidelining TE Rob Gronkowski, LB Jerod Mayo and DTs Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly were costly. SpaceX’s Dragon CRS 10 cargo vehicle… Read more →