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However lutein prevents cancer, we know it works. According to Professor Ralph Moss’ book, Antioxidants against Cancer, more than 250 scientific papers demonstrate lutein’s potential as an anti cancer agent. In a study described in Mark Stengler’s Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies, people with high lutein diets at any age decreased their chances of developing colon cancer by 17 percent; furthermore,… Read more →

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Latest repeal doesn’t mean the effort to clean up city code is finished. Remember restaurant hostesses asked if diners wanted smoking or non smoking seating? The designated smoking section is still on our books, even though former Gov. Tim Kaine signed legislation in 2009 prohibiting smoking in public restaurants.. Heretofore, producers and distributors had been the employers, paying salaries and… Read more →

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DNA methylation was measured at critical regions known to be susceptible to the in utero environment. Homocysteine concentrations were analyzed in plasma from 60 fetuses. Results: In addition to identifying baseline sex differences, we found that maternal smoking was associated with sex specific alterations of fetal liver vitamin B12, plasma homocysteine and expression of enzymes in the 1 carbon cycle… Read more →

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DNA Fingerprinting and Forensic ScienceThe technique was developed in England by the geneticist Alec Jeffreys in the mid 1980s. He was initially looking at ways to screen for hereditary diseases and genetic defects. However, he was asked by the local constabulary to help investigate a rape case, and he successfully identified the rapist from his DNA profile. The aim is… Read more →

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Diverse preferences exist for what should be prioritised during vaccination consultations, and mismatched expectations may lead to negative experiences. Vaccination consultations for puppies and kittens were described to have a relatively standardised structure with an educational and preventative healthcare focus. In contrast, adult pet vaccination consultations were described to focus on current physical health problems with only limited discussion of… Read more →

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We evaluate two hypotheses: the first proposes that different environments have different phenotypic optima, leading to shifts in the positions of populations in morphospace between environments; the second posits that the strength of trait filtering differs between environments, predicting changes in the volume of morphospace occupied by populations in different environments. We found that intraspecific morphological diversity, provided it is… Read more →