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Rep. Tom Rooney, R Tequesta: Vinson confirmed what I said all along the requirement to purchase health insurance exceeds Congressional power under the Constitution. Never in our nation history has the federal government forced every citizen to purchase a product or service from a private company simply as a requirement of being a citizen. I was disappointed to see a… Read more →

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This suggests that for AT related benefits, the development of complex cognitive skills may be more important than the refinement of sensory processing. Furthermore, outcome measures should be sensitive to the functional benefits of AT. For WM training, lack of far transfer to untrained outcomes suggests no generalized benefits to real world listening abilities. Our results suggest that different policy… Read more →

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As previously reported using pharmacological or RNA interference inhibitors of HSP90 function, we found that hsp90.2 3 lengthens the circadian period and that the observed period lengthening was more exaggerated in warm cold entrained seedlings. However, we observed no role for the previously identified interactors of HSP90.2, GIGANTEA and ZEITLUPPE, in HSP90 mediated period lengthening. We constructed phase response curves… Read more →

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This information is true, according to Buhler. He tracked down a study presented at the American Stroke Association meeting in 2003. Researchers found that the test, used for years by medical personnel, was also successfully performed by bystanders. After the GOP dominated legislature passed the measure, the League of Women Voters of Florida announced they would no longer conduct voter… Read more →

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