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In Study 2, tabloid readership was associated with more negative attitudes and preferences for harsher punishments for sexual offenders, which we propose may be attributable to the affect heuristic. We discuss our findings within the context of dual process cognition, and argue that the national press promote heuristic based thinking about the issue of sexual offending. Future research avenues, and… Read more →

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Participants were assessed at baseline, midtreatment, posttreatment, 2 , 6 , and 12 month follow up. The primary outcome measure was the clinician rated Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale Modified for BDD. Secondary outcomes included measures of insight, depression, quality of life, and global functioning. Im not sure what you mean by this. CPAP machines are meant to treat respiratory… Read more →

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Colorado Obamacare exchange opened to mixed reviews today. On the one hand, computer glitches precluded some actions, like registering with the site for an account. On the other hand, web builders blamed a high volume of interest for some of the glitches here and nationwide, and high volume of interest is exactly what Obamacare advocates want.. Aerial filming is ubiquitous… Read more →

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