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In 1751, Smith was offered the chair of Logic at Glasgow, which was at the time a serious centre for the Scottish Enlightenment1. Here he developed his eccentric personality bringing levity and a ‘natural religion’ to what was still a Christian based centre of learning. He rose to become Dean in 1758.. The Qatar Foundation report, despite an abundance of… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractConspecific sperm precedence (CSP) has been identified as an important post copulatory, pre zygotic mechanism that can act to reduce gene flow between populations. The evolution of CSP is thought to have arisen as a by product of male and female coevolution in response to intraspecific post copulatory sexual selection. However, little is known about the mechanisms… Read more →

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Represents a solemn promise from the state of Texas to our veterans and their families and our legislation is aimed at keeping that promise, Turner said. Allowing our state colleges and universities to utilize unused B On Time funds that are currently being transferred back to the state to instead offset Hazlewood costs, we will strengthen our veterans benefits and… Read more →

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Throughout the latest phase of Spanish democracy, but especially with the growth in support for independence in recent years, the Spanish state and very large chunk of the Spanish media have been obsessed with criminalizing Catalan dissent. The most obvious case is the jailing of our political and civic leaders for sedition, despite an acceptance by the court that “although… Read more →

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However, under narrow PWM vectors high frequency (HF) oscillations can disrupt the current and current derivative responses. In previous work, the time that PWM vectors were applied to the machine for was extended to a threshold known as the minimum pulse width (tmin) in order to allow the HF oscillations to decay and a derivative measurement to be obtained. This… Read more →

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