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We rehydrated samples collected from the dry bed of a temperate zone stream during a supra seasonal drought, to examine the seedbank assemblage. Samples were first collected in autumn, from 12 sites along the ephemeral (4 sites), intermittent (2) and near perennial (6) reaches, which had been dry for up to 8 months. Our first hypothesis was that assemblage composition… Read more →

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Central California, the Congressional Leadership Fund supports GOP Rep. Jeff Denham by saying Democratic challenger Michael Eggman and Clinton back the dangerous nuclear arms pact with Iran, though families know they wrong. National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP campaign organization, says Democratic candidate Emily Cain with Hillary, not with us as she tries unseating freshman Republican Rep. The Kington… Read more →

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Results are presented on the level of public engagement with the game and video, deduced from play statistics, answers to the questions and scores obtained across the screen locations. Awareness of Adult ADHD specifically was similar to ADHD in general and knowledge increased overall for 93 % of video viewers. Furthermore, ratings of knowledge of Adult ADHD correlated positively with… Read more →

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Disallowed productsNaturalNews only allows the advertising of products, services or organizations that adhere to a genuine natural health or green living lifestyle. We also allow the advertising of “health neutral” products that may benefit readers such as computers or non profit humanitarian organizations. If you’re not sure about your own organization, just email us and ask. Johnson, Michelle and Galbraith,… Read more →