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In May 2007, the station transferred ownership from The New York Times Company to Local TV LLC. Wooten Sr. Home in Coldwater, Mississippi, on 10 watt battery powered transmitted under license issued to Hoyt B. 2D integrating cell for ultra long optical path on chipPetrov, A. Y., Fohrmann, L. S., Sommer, G., Pitruzzello, G., Krauss, T. Interesting conclusion to come… Read more →

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If you leave Ecuador, your exit is processed through immigration. This is unlike the USA, where you can fly out of the country without passing through immigration checkpoints. In Ecuador, they have tighter controls on people leaving the country, and they record the date that you left. First described in the early twentieth century independently by Creutzfeldt and Jakob, CJD… Read more →

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Here’s what happened: her webpage systematically released my email to her political party and they used the information on my Facebook profile to know which topics I might be interested in. Regardless if I am interested in those issues or not, I feel tricked that my email address was disrespected and used as just another email account to blast information… Read more →

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