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More worrying is the fact that millions of lives entire generations that have the potential to offer something positive for society are being terminated throughout the world. And yet no one bats an eyelid; abortion is quietly swept under the carpet. Now I not here to profess that religion is perfect, but the moral framework provided by religion is much… Read more →

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Strikingly, high RECQL4 expression in primary tumors correlated well with poor survival and gastric cancer lines with high RECQL4 expression displayed increased resistance to cisplatin treatment. Mechanistic investigations revealed a novel role for RECQL4 in transcriptional regulation of the multidrug resistance gene MDR1, through a physical interaction with the transcription factor YB1. Notably, ectopic expression of RECQL4 in cisplatin sensitive… Read more →

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Three of those mechanisms, stigma reduction, increasing help seeking behavior, and gatekeeper training, accomplish the same end goal, which is they increase the rate of identification and referral of people at risk, Locke says. We seeing in counseling centers is what I believe to be the signs of a successful intervention. Locke says it unfair to assume that the rise… Read more →