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The 2 month old [Are video games or mental illness causing America mass shootings? No, research shows.Federal public health officials are urging people to take precautions to protect themselves against a microscopic parasite that can live for days in swimming pools and water playgrounds and cause severe intestinal problems. The lawsuit, filed in California on Friday, alleges that Rare Bird… Read more →

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In all dogs diagnosed to have Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, the German Shepherd Dog is very often seen as well as the Rough coated Collie. First, in acute pancreatitis, the dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed, causing vomiting and loss of appetite with resulting dehydration. This is indeed a big tell. VISITORS SHOULD AVOID WADING IN NEARBY CREEKS, POLS OF WATER ON THE… Read more →

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According to the report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration feels that Ray LaHood is focusing too closely on one area of motoring safety, rather than the bigger picture. NHTSA officials are quoted as saying that current distracted driving crash statistics may be inflated because not all law enforcement agencies are properly trained to recognize a distracted driving accident. The… Read more →

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