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Deriving insights from a novel metric ” ecological pressure ” we demonstrate that coexistence is not solely determined by features of the numerically dominant species. This results in a common framework for predicting, given any pair of species and knowledge of the relevant parameters, whether they will coexist, the mechanism by which they will do so, and the resultant spatial… Read more →

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The protection racket promulgated by the church, the report said, dates to at least 1946 after Father John Stein was sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexually abusing a 6 year old boy. The archbishop, who knew Stein abused other children, called the assault “an isolated aberration” and implored the district attorney and a judge to allow the church,… Read more →

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Improved guns and a variety of new traps helped. Perhaps even more damaging was the widespread use of poisons. The gamekeepers were successful to the extent that foxes were eliminated from much of East Anglia and parts of eastern Scotland, and have only recently recovered in these areas.. “Yeah, it was definitely weird,” he said Monday at the Cleveland Browns… Read more →

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Alleviated physiological, thermal and metabolic strain were observed, likely attributable to enhanced cardiovascular stability and heat dissipation. Five days of controlled hyperthermia HA appears to be a potent strategy to support endurance running in the heat.Study 5 directly compared acute (external precooling), chronic (HA) and combined (precooling HA) strategies during 5 km running. Precooling did not improve performance following HA,… Read more →

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The parks department staff is a great bunch of people working with budget constraints and general resource shortages as best as they can. The staff is augmented by hundreds of volunteers and a bunch of park “Friends” groups working tirelessly in and for the parks they love. (Disclosure: I am currently serving as president of the Friends of Cheyenne Caon… Read more →

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The officials “confirmed their intent to resolve these issues as a highest priority. In particular, the countries will establish a working group to consider next steps of the cross border trucking program,” according to their joint statement. Exports to the country in retaliation for Mexican trucks not being allowed into the United States. Its proper name is Wazn the “Weight”.… Read more →

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CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Ohio Powerful winds pulled a tree down on a police cruiser in Chester Township. On Halloween as an officer was headed west on Wilson Mills Rd. Chief Mark Purchase said a tree dropped in front of the cruiser and a branch plunged into the windshield. The Worth Ryder Gallery’s latest exhibition, (processing) Bay Area Artists and the Archive,… Read more →

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As for 32 cores, it depends on software support and most prosumer grade applications have troubles utilizing anything past 16 threads or can’t run at all past 32 threads. This criteria does not really exist, most multi threaded software, if not all of it, will spawn threads dynamically based on how many hardware threads are available. That’s the only sensible… Read more →

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