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The protection racket promulgated by the church, the report said, dates to at least 1946 after Father John Stein was sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexually abusing a 6 year old boy. The archbishop, who knew Stein abused other children, called the assault “an isolated aberration” and implored the district attorney and a judge to allow the church,… Read more →

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Deriving insights from a novel metric ” ecological pressure ” we demonstrate that coexistence is not solely determined by features of the numerically dominant species. This results in a common framework for predicting, given any pair of species and knowledge of the relevant parameters, whether they will coexist, the mechanism by which they will do so, and the resultant spatial… Read more →

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Protecting your skin from air pollutionDr. Krutmann explained to MNT that particulate matter contains carbon particles, which are covered on the surface by what we call polyaromatic hydrocarbons. These polyaromatic hydrocarbons, he said, are lipophilic, which means they can dissolve in oil. And Munshi, D. And Narimani, A. And Naselsky, P. The mainstream media is blaming “Anonymous” for the attack,… Read more →

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Introduction: Loss of muscle is common in patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and contributes to the high morbidity and mortality of this group. The exact mechanisms behind the loss of muscle are unclear.Patients and methods: To investigate this, 4 patients with stage IV NSCLC meeting the clinical definitions for sarcopenia and cachexia were recruited, along with… Read more →

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Meanwhile, the Nazis mounted two projects, one which was led by the researcher known as Schiebold that involved a particle accelerator and beryllium rods. The second, led by Dr. Rolf Wideroe, was developed at the Dresden Plasma Physics Laboratory until it was bombed in Feb. Green presence here hints at the other reason movies get a Restricted rating: so the… Read more →

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Then the Dear Leader returns to Pyongyang . And nothing happens. Perhaps Beijing doesn’t care that much, or doesn’t have that much influence over what happens in North Korea. Pharmacology Any substance capable of producing a physical, chemical or biologic effect. See Declarant Epidemiology A factor, such as a microorganism, chemical substance, or form of radiation, whose excessive presence, or… Read more →

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Improved guns and a variety of new traps helped. Perhaps even more damaging was the widespread use of poisons. The gamekeepers were successful to the extent that foxes were eliminated from much of East Anglia and parts of eastern Scotland, and have only recently recovered in these areas.. “Yeah, it was definitely weird,” he said Monday at the Cleveland Browns… Read more →

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