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It’s not really about spending a great deal of money, but more about letting her know that you’re thinking of her. The Sentimental Gift Think of giving her something sentimental, a token that will remind her of the wedding. You might consider a personalized wedding gift like jewellery with engraved initials like M. The Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts is a… Read more →

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If passed, SB 172 (aka the Colorado Civil Union Act) would provide significant legal protections for committed gay and lesbian couples across the state. According to a report by UCLA’s the Williams Institute, upon three years of passage, Colorado would see a state fiscal benefit of close to $5 million. Participants of Monday’s LGBT Lobby Day event at the state… Read more →

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Hence, even if one technique, on its own, is indirect, requiring unsubstantiated assumptions, the fully integrated combination of techniques described here permits the validation of assumptions used in one technique by another. Using controlled pore glasses as model materials, mercury porosimetry scanning curves were used to establish the correct correspondence between the appropriate Gibbs “Thomson parameter, and the nature of… Read more →

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At a time when colleges have been accused of going easy on top athletes for on campus misconduct, Heimlich story spotlights how Oregon State and other schools treat athletes who have committed felonies as juveniles. The NCAA sets no national policy. As a result, college programs with an incentive to win games are left setting standards about whether convicted felons… Read more →

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An analysis of commonly used document collections shows that test collections are not fully judged as achieving that is expensive and may be infeasible for large collections. A document collection being fully judged means that every document in the collection acts as a relevant document to a specific query or a group of queries. The discriminative approach used in our… Read more →

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