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If you’re looking to make housework a synch, then consider upgrading your home to include a central vacuum system, which will let you clean your home more efficiently and effectively. Having a central vacuum system means never having to deal with emptying bags of dust and debris everything you vacuum up is centrally deposited so that you can easily dispose… Read more →

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The first contains seven objects that may be supposed to consist of stars, but where the observations hitherto made, of either their appearance or form, leave it undecided into which class they should be placed. Connoiss. 31 [M31] is: A large nucleus with very extensive nebulous branches, but the nucleus is very gradually joined to them. Compressed between its top… Read more →

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The hand soap you using can be drying, which may be making your skin over produce oil to compensate. The lack of moisturizer probably isn helping either. (Or maybe your skin is just oily anyway, and switching cleansers won help. “We’re still not happy our concerns have not been allayed.” Those concerns relate to changes to recent changes to the… Read more →

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These developments have led to a burgeoning scholarship in public order policing in recent years. Whilst some studies have documented the development of ‘dialogue policing’ strategies, none have yet captured the complex interplay between these practices and the more overt forms of coercion and control experienced by protesters. In this paper, we begin to fill this lacuna. The receives several… Read more →