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In the three lens case, when the light passes through the lens oriented 0 degress and then the lens oriented x degrees (in the middle), the intensity of the light reduces to cos(x) of its original intensity. After it passes through the middle lens, the light still has some horizontal and vertical component. Finally, when it passes through the last… Read more →

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Themes indicated that events were characterised as severe, unexpected and complex. They involved aspects relating to the organisational context; typically limited or delayed access to resources or personnel. There were aspects relating to parents, such as having an existing relationship with the parents, and negative perceptions of the conduct of colleagues. I first met Dru at SCALE 8x that was… Read more →

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In 2004 NASA organized a Road Mapping session to discuss the current capabilities and future problems of landing humans on Mars. Manning co chaired this event along with Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt and Claude Graves, who has since passed away, from the Johnson Space Center. Approximately 50 other people from across NASA, academia and industry attended the session. This… Read more →

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There was a final stratum to the old Mod culture that rejected the new order absolutely. At the lowest end of the scale both in philosophy and appearance, the ‘Hard’ Mods were rougher all round than the rest of their comrades. Scruffier, and with cropped hair, they became the first Skinheads, keeping the original Mod music alive and retaining basic… Read more →

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In her new role, Kutlu will lead all top line generating efforts for The Langham Huntington, Pasadena, including pricing and strategy development for all segments. She has led revenue efforts at multiple hotels around the globe including The Ritz Carlton in Israel and Turkey and Four Seasons Hotels Resorts. Kutlu is a strategic and innovative revenue director bringing more than… Read more →

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Unlike brooms and vacuums, this device goes deep into your carpets to deliver the best cleaning experience. Its SpinScrub Brush System tackles dirt from every angle by scrubbing 360 degrees around carpet fibers. It directly applies heated air to carpets, which helps remove tough stains and speed up drying time. This is important, as sunlight is beneficial to human health.… Read more →

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“For the second straight month, London has the highest big city unemployment rate in Canada and shamefully, Windsor is right there too. 11.3% unemployment in North Bay, 10% in London and 9.3% in Windsor,” fumed McNaughton. “Ontario has 600,000 unemployed men and women. I know he was jacked to do that finally with all the other guys. I really won’t… Read more →

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Applications of a WKBJ type ray ansatz’ to obtain asymptotic solutions of the Helmholtz equation in the high{frequency limit are now standard, and underpin the construction of geometrical optics’ ray diagrams in many electromagnetic, acoustic and elastic reflection, transmission and other scattering problems. These applications were subsequently extended by Keller to include other types of rays called diffracted’ rays to… Read more →

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For his final project in school, Mills created what he refers to as a Homeless Utility Vehicle, basically a small shelter on wheels with just enough space to fit a person inside to protect them from the elements. Of course, it gets pretty darn chilly in Michigan in the winter months. Before actually constructing the shelter, Mills went for two… Read more →

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