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Themes indicated that events were characterised as severe, unexpected and complex. They involved aspects relating to the organisational context; typically limited or delayed access to resources or personnel. There were aspects relating to parents, such as having an existing relationship with the parents, and negative perceptions of the conduct of colleagues. I first met Dru at SCALE 8x that was… Read more →

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In 2004 NASA organized a Road Mapping session to discuss the current capabilities and future problems of landing humans on Mars. Manning co chaired this event along with Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt and Claude Graves, who has since passed away, from the Johnson Space Center. Approximately 50 other people from across NASA, academia and industry attended the session. This… Read more →

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In the three lens case, when the light passes through the lens oriented 0 degress and then the lens oriented x degrees (in the middle), the intensity of the light reduces to cos(x) of its original intensity. After it passes through the middle lens, the light still has some horizontal and vertical component. Finally, when it passes through the last… Read more →

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The fashion runways at this year’s New York Fashion Week were flooded with color, various prints, and as always tons of classic inspired fashion for men. Designs truly worked their magic to create runways that inspired an atmosphere of sophistication and chic. Presenting Innovative classical tailoring, by using traditional all time favorite fabrics. Neil had by now quit school and… Read more →

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No pro Israel or anti Hamas pictures were received that week. On Jan. 9, there were images of seven anti Israel protests from four locations and six photographers. Without a doubt, tobacco companies have no place in a civilized society. Their products kill people, and they are deceptively created and marketed in a way that ignores public safety in order… Read more →

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In Australia, tough government regulations have stopped tobacco companies from promoting smoking in mass media. But, in Indonesia, one of its closest neighbours, it’s an entirely different story. The tobacco industry can still advertise cigarettes on television, radio and billboards. (Kennedy) as the swing vote, I don know that we would have had the capital on the Supreme Court to… Read more →

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The commission recommended harsher penalties for rule breakers and that the NCAA outsource the investigation and adjudication of the most serious infractions cases. Level I violations would be punishable with up to a five year postseason ban and the forfeiture of all postseason revenue for the time of the ban. That could be worth tens of millions to major conference… Read more →

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There was a final stratum to the old Mod culture that rejected the new order absolutely. At the lowest end of the scale both in philosophy and appearance, the ‘Hard’ Mods were rougher all round than the rest of their comrades. Scruffier, and with cropped hair, they became the first Skinheads, keeping the original Mod music alive and retaining basic… Read more →