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Yet they support the policy. Why don’t they consider what is in Florida’s best interests in the long run. Saying no to profiteering by big oil companies, of our oil, is just bad business for Florida.. Chlorpyrifos induced cell death was only evident at concentrations >100 M. In marked contrast, PSP displayed pronounced cytotoxicity towards both mitotic and differentiated H9c2… Read more →

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More than 50 million Americans suffer from periodontitis. The underlying causes of periodontal disease are infectious agents such as virus, bacteria, spirochetes, amoebas and fungus. Periodontitis is a micro climate that reflects the macro climate of the entire body. Additional Information:This paper presents an experimental study of the transfer function of a ducted, laminar, premixed flame. This transfer function is… Read more →

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Something is happening across the planet with all this: Supply lines are getting thin and starting to crack. You’ve probably noticed it when you’re trying to buy car parts or appliance parts. Even many service companies are thinly staffed these days. Older women are at the greatest risk of breast cancer development and a considerable number present with comorbidities. Among… Read more →

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Reidy said, “In such a complex, globalized world, it is from humans our passions and beliefs and economic systems and political organizations that the diseases of our bodies must both begin and end. Walker’s text enables us to begin thinking about how advances in science and technology are inextricably mixed up with cultural and social beliefs. This is as true… Read more →

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Fighting hunger and touching lives, Island Harvest serves as the bridge between those who have surplus food and those who need it, supplying over 570 community based nonprofit organizations on Long Island with critical food support to help stem the advancing tide of hunger in our communities. Island Harvest has delivered more than 71 million pounds of food, supplementing nearly… Read more →