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Data were analysed by history of injecting drug use (IDU), age, and severity of liver disease. 6278 patients (70.5% white; median age, 52 years) from 59 UK specialist centres were included; 59.1% of patients had acquired HCV through IDU. The prevalence of adverse lifestyle factors was significantly lower in non IDU compared with previous IDU or recent IDU patients. The… Read more →

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Our public school options have been very disappointing. My 6th grader TAG student literally learned NOTHING in 4th and 5th grade. After working with teachers and the principal for awhile, I have determined that due to the population and resource constraints, the school is basically teaching down to the lowest 25% of abilities while ignoring the higher achievers. You in… Read more →

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These moments are frequent and lovely, but pulling against them constantly are the larger societal stories Ackerman equally strongly wants to tell. These wide canvas stories are as well dramatized as the smaller, more personal triangle of Haris, Amir, and Daphne, but they often feel like they belong in a different book, perhaps the prize winning nonfiction account of the… Read more →

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Canine and feline preventative healthcare consultations can be more complex than other consultation types, but they are typically not allocated additional time in the United Kingdom (UK). Impacts of the perceived length of UK preventative healthcare consultations have not previously been described. The aim of this novel study was to provide the first qualitative description of owner and veterinary surgeon… Read more →

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