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Nuclei undergo collective vibrations about both spherical and deformed shapes. The degree of softness of these vibrations is characterized by the excitation energy required to populate states. The distinguishing feature of vibrational excited states is that they are grouped in nearly degenerate angular momentum multiplets, each group being separated by a characteristic phonon energy.. Aerosol output, FPF and aerosol fraction… Read more →

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Objectives: Objective detection of responses to natural speech stimuli may have application to assess speech reception in people who are not able to respond reliably on behavioural tests (such as infants). Ideally, these tests would allow simultaneous measurement of speech processing by the auditory brainstem and cortex, such that audiologists can analyse the functionality of the auditory system at multiple… Read more →

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“In addition, EPA’s disappointing decision to reject the request for a partial waiver of the 2008 Renewable Fuel Standard for corn based ethanol assures that high grain prices are here to stay for the foreseeable future. While we had sincerely hoped to avoid further facility closures or consolidations, we recognize that we must do everything in our control to pass… Read more →

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It’s an important asset for the warfighter and will be employed for years to come,” says Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves, SMC commander and Air Force program executive officer for space, in a statement.. Manzarek died in Germany this week of bile duct cancer, aged 74.The tall, professorial looking musician exuded a gravitas commensurate with the dark, questing nature of the… Read more →

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These longitudinal or cross sectional studies permitted the clinical characterization of PAH in mutation carriers to be accurately described. The availability of molecular genetic diagnosis has opened up a new field for patient care, including genetic counseling for a severe disease, taking into account that the major predisposing gene has a highly variable penetrance between families. Molecular information can be… Read more →

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State government officials, the utility company West Virginia American Water and the National Guard continued to test the water supply after as much as 7,500 gallons (28,000 liters) of an industrial chemical leaked into the Elk River on Thursday.It could still be several days before people in nine counties and Charleston, the state capital and largest city, can once again… Read more →

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