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That includes players, coaches, officials, executives and staff. All will receive annual mandatory training on violence against women and the issues surrounding it. The league says it will assess any reports of violence and assess the situation and future risk to the women or children in question and provide them support.. The development of hypereutrophic conditions likely occurred in stages,… Read more →

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The aye aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is a highly unusual lemuriform primate that has evolved a dentition similar to that of rodents: it possesses large, ever growing incisors which it uses to strip the bark from trees in order to feed on wood boring beetle larvae. Indeed, such is the similarity that some of the earliest classifications of the aye aye… Read more →

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In a lot of ways Your Anchor was the record Seim never should have released. It’s an intensely personal look into a co dependent downward spiral that pulls on your heartstrings with great regularity. But the core of Your Anchor almost never came to be under the Lackthereof moniker: “I submitted five or six songs early on as Menomena songs,… Read more →

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Ashley Auzenne, 39, was found dead Tuesday along with her children in Deer Park, Texas. Her divorce with the children’s fatherMurvin Auzenne Jr. Had been finalized just last week. Some previous reports indicated that JHICC was looking at various specialized DRAM products (namely LPDDR4), but the actual plans might be different. It is expected that aggregate investments in the Jin… Read more →

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