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However, Emerlynne Gil, Southeast Asia legal adviser for the International Council of Jurists (ICJ), disagrees. Is expressly stated in the law that it is applicable to Muslims and non Muslims except otherwise provided for, she tells TIME, adding that as the provisions provided are for Muslims there are no alternative rules to govern other faiths. (The ICJ has laid out… Read more →

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Mr. Tulis’s lengthy dissertation on prayer, municipalities vs. State status, generic prayer, and his interpretation of the Constitution leaves out one main concept the founding fathers’ unequivocal need to avoid the religious tyranny wielded by King George over his subjects; hence one of the demands that the Constitution addresses in the Establishment Clause.. And Bracco, A. And Bucher, M. And… Read more →

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His 1969 Family Assistance Plan, however, pleased neither liberals nor conservatives. Nixon proposed giving needy families with children $1,600 annually; as a work incentive, they would be allowed to keep any earned income up to approximately $4,000. More important, all welfare recipients except mothers with children under the age of three would be required to work. 1 Lipstick and BlushThis… Read more →

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From a distance, in visible light, Saturn’s atmosphere looks more boring than Jupiter; Saturn has cloud bands in its atmosphere, but they’re pale orange and faded. This orange color is because Saturn has more sulfur in its atmosphere. In addition to the sulfur in Saturn’s upper atmosphere, there are also quantities of nitrogen and oxygen. But that assumption may be… Read more →

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