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The desire to criminalize millions of completely innocent dogs, or groups of anything else, who havebeen generically and unfairly deemed to universally fit some negative connotation as a whole isfundamentally wrong on every level. People are individuals, and so are dogs. If you treat them in theopposite ways then you not only discriminate wildly but also resoundingly fail to even… Read more →

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And Prunet, S. And Puget, J. L. Gleeson, H. F., Feb 2018Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry CInvestigating the Cusp between the Nano and Macro sciences in Supermolecular Liquid Crystalline Twist Bend NematogensSimpson, F. P., Mandle, R., Goodby, J. L’Assemble nationale, hier, l’ancien ministre Yves Bolduc a exprim son scepticisme quant la possibilit de sabrer les budgets sans rduire les… Read more →

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H., Sethi, N. K., Shafikov, M. Z., Chechik, V., Whitwood, A. 88 “139, 2016) to include moving walls and the thin region between the porous construct and the bioreactor wall. This allows us to derive a closed system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations for the construct trajectory, from which we show that neglecting inertia results in periodic orbits; we solve… Read more →

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Investigations comparing the behaviour and welfare of animals in different environments have led to mixed and often conflicting results. These could arise from genuine differences in welfare, poor validity of indicators, low statistical power, publication bias, or inappropriate statistical analysis. Our aim was to investigate the effects of using four approaches for inferential analysis of datasets of varying size on… Read more →

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Global estimates of these vulnerable populations who experience neurotoxic effects associated with amalgam induced mercury vapor exposure in the gold mining process remains limited. On October 10th, 2013, The Minamata Convention on Mercury to reduce global mercury emissions in the interest of human and environmental health was ratified, banning sources of mercury like batteries and mercury mining. The international treaty… Read more →