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Thanks to the unprecedented number of observations of the fireball recorded by dashcams, security cameras and eyewitness accounts, astronomers were able to determine an orbit for Although some uncertainties remain, the object is (was) a member of the Apollo family of asteroids, named for 1862 Apollo, discovered in 1932. Apollos cross Earth’s orbit on a routine basis when they’re nearest… Read more →

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This paper discusses the Hazard Services system and findings from a usability evaluation with a sample of end users. Usability evaluations are frequently used to support software and website development and can provide feedback on a system TMs efficiency of use, effectiveness, and learnability. In the present study, a user testing evaluation assessed task performance in terms of error rates,… Read more →

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For the moment, where the fighting continues in the tribal areas, the military is losing its edge to the tactical difficulties the floods present. In Khyber, Bajaur and particularly Orakzai, heavy airpower is still being used in tandem with troops on the ground. “Orakazai was a stronghold of Hakimullah Mehsud,” the official says, referring to the fugitive leader of the… Read more →