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Workers were in shock when he downgraded the first lazy mechanic. Zhang warned them, “If you don’t work hard enough here, then you will work hard at finding work.” He bases all salaries on productivity and pays bonuses for top notch performance. He holds quality control workshops, and when workers make mistakes, he does not fine them but teaches them… Read more →

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Thorsen now faces up to 260 years in prison from the wire fraud charges, and up to an additional 90 years in prison for the money laundering charges, plus a total of $22.5 million in possible fines. In addition, the federal indictment also contains a so called “forfeiture provision” which seeks the forfeiture of the personal property Dr. Thorsen allegedly… Read more →

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UNITED NATIONS, Jul 19 2010 (IPS) The spirit of international negotiations in Montreal on a draft protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) of natural resources were marred by Canada insistence on a decentralised approach to ABS, Peigi Wilson, a Mtis lawyer present at the meeting in support of the Quebec Native Women, told IPS. Environment Programme (UNEP) official, added.The… Read more →

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En appliquant ainsi le credo conservateur dans ce qu’il avait de plus bte, le gouvernement Harper a failli tre renvers. Il a survcu en faisant volte face et en dposant, comme le rclamait l’opposition, un substantiel budget de stimulation conomique. Celui ci a donn de bons rsultats. “They’ve been awesome. Those were great hires. I felt when we were able… Read more →

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We know now how none of those experimenting with seed radiation fully considered the implications of the atomic beast providing its energy. Gamma rays were used in atomic gardens or small labs to genetically alter seeds. External exposure to gamma rays is dangerous, leading to radiation sickness and cancer. Instead, both CLIP 190 and CLIP 170 form F actin “dependent… Read more →

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The experimental results are compared with the theoretical results obtained using the relevant design guidelines.The experimental results demonstrate a significant increase in the flexural performance of the GFRP strengthened beams with regard to the ultimate load carrying capacity and stiffness. The results also show that GFRP strengthened beams without end anchorages experienced intermediate concrete (IC) debonding failure at the GFRP… Read more →

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