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The hazard prediction test, however, found experienced drivers to out perform inexperienced drivers. No differences were found for nationality, with all nationalities being equally skilled at predicting hazards. The results suggest that drivers’ criterion level for responding to hazards is culturally sensitive, though their ability to predict hazards is not. Just like NVIDIA does with their Founder Editions, AMD has… Read more →

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As our population continues to age, the need for nurses is expected to increase substantially (ten year job growth projections are at 15.5 percent). People will always need good medical care and seek out competent, caring professionals to address their health concerns. While working as a nurse requires clinical experience, special licensing and ongoing education, the field is both rewarding… Read more →

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For some ChIP seq examples, some transcriptional activators and repressors work by binding near gene promoters and interacting with the transcriptional machinery there directly. Because of this, you would tend to annotate these proteins in relation to transcription start sites. On the other hand, there are certain proteins you would expect to be over gene bodies. It’s not a new… Read more →

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This thesis mainly includes three empirical studies: 1) gauging the degree of market integration by the weak form measure, 2) measuring the degree of market interdependence by the multi factor R squared measure, as well as 3) examining the relationship between these two elements by the MWALD causality test and cointegration analysis.The first empirical study finds that China’s financial liberalisation… Read more →

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Erwin Mortier TMs acclaimed debut novel Marcel, first published nearly twenty years ago, tells the story of a Flemish family haunted by a dark past: the involvement of several members in the wartime collaboration with the German occupier. The novel has usually been read as a narrative of reconciliation, showing the often painful process of successive generations gradually gaining some… Read more →

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He’s also a noted pioneer in the email marketing software industry, having been the first to launch an HTML email newsletter technology that has grown to become a standard in the industry. Adams is currently the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a 501(c)3 non profit, and pursues hobbies such as martial arts, Capoeira, nature macrophotography and organic gardening.… Read more →

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Cryogelation technique is a versatile technique for design of various biocompatible scaffolds based on natural polymers as gelatin(Gel), chitosan and casein using cryogelation technique. [1 4] Cryogelation is the process of the formation of macroporous polymer systems, so called cryogels, with well developed 3D structure of interconnected pores. Cryogels have porosity of 90 95% and macro channels of 20 150… Read more →

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Most of the Chelyabinsk meteorites were shattered and broken during the explosion / shock blast, revealing brecciation, metal and shock veins in their interiors. Credit: Bob KingA thin slice of Chelyabinsk impact melt breccia. Flows of once molten rock (paler gray) surround islands of less altered material. Little is known about the relative contributions and importance of antibacterial effectors in… Read more →