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On one hand, it is necessary to take into account either the dependence for adjacent age groups or the dependence structure across time in a single population setting “a sort of intradependence structure. On the other hand, the dependence across multiple populations, which we describe as interdependence, can be explored for capturing common long run relationships between countries. The objective… Read more →

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The recent UN Sustainable Development Goals highlighted that urgent steps are needed to control the increasing rate of waste generation.This reseaech investigates the waste management challenges in Jos, Nigeria. Through primary data collection including observations, focus groups, waste analysis, and interviews, the study analyses current waste management practices. Results show conflicts in local roles and responsibilities leading to waste not… Read more →

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I know it a different animal, but in preseason, the first team offense went three and out quite often, something that has transitioned into the regular season. Especially after three passing situations. On the other hand, Cutler was always moving the offense (scoring or not), he was always driving and often making good decisions to keep drives alive on third… Read more →

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