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The Community Theater League showcases the talent of local high school students in its annual Ray of Light Awards program held on the CAC stage. This program features highlights of local plays and musicals performed in our area schools. The student performers get the carpet treatment providing Hollywood gala experience with family and friends in the audience.. I want to… Read more →

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Chironomids, or non biting midges (Chironomidae), belong to the order of true flies (Diptera), and are the most abundant freshwater macroinvertebrates with an estimated 20,000 species worldwide. With the use of the taxonomic identification tool DNA barcoding, it is possible to identify new species and identify specimens without the need for expert knowledge in morphological identification. In this study, DNA… Read more →

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For Phase 3, the On Site Habitat Competition which is the current phase of the competition competitors were tasked with fabricated sub scale versions of their habitats. This phase has five levels of competition, which consist of two virtual levels and three construction levels. For the former, the teams were tasked with using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to design… Read more →

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The simulations indicate that the open circuit electric potential of the ATEM is 17% more than that of the STEM. The experimental results show that the CCTEG system performs well under various conditions. This results also demonstrate that the concept of adding heat pipes to the heat sink system is a practical solution to achieve higher thermoelectric generator (TEG) performance… Read more →

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Restorative policing has experienced somewhat of a tumultuous journey within the international criminal justice landscape. The practice first emerged in Wagga Wagga, Australia in the early 1990s where its architects drew inspiration from both the New Zealand conferencing system and John Braithwaite TMs theory of reintegrative shaming. This chapter argues that the inspiring results of that pilot project have not… Read more →

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The focus of the intervention is care homes, and the outcomes of interest are health related quality of life and satisfaction with services; for both residents and staff. Further outcomes may include appropriate use of National Health Service services and resources of older care home residents. The study protocols have been reviewed as part of good governance by the Nottinghamshire… Read more →

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Modern RNG circuits usually rely upon one of two random sources: electronic noise or radioactive decay times. Both of these are physical sources that, through proper circuit design, provide electronic spikes at unpredictable times. These spikes, which may occur randomly a few thousand times a second, can be used to create sequences of random bits by having the spike interrupt… Read more →

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