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The American national pastime, argued many critics, had been sullied nearly beyond repair. (1)This well known story has been repeated in various forms, through a variety of media, for decades. (2) Many baseball reporters claim the story is apocryphal, but others insist on its verity. Some astronomers feel that rotating liquid mirror telescopes (LMT) may revolutionize astronomy. LMTs work because… Read more →

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The key contribution of this work is the derivation of a system of homogenized partial differential equations describing macroscale growth, coupled to transport of solute, that explicitly incorporates details of the structure and dynamics of the microscopic system, and, moreover, admits finite growth and deformation at the pore scale. The resulting macroscale model comprises a Biot type system, augmented with… Read more →

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Comprehending speech can be particularly challenging in a noisy environment and in the absence of semantic context. It has been proposed that the articulatory motor system would be recruited especially in difficult listening conditions. However, it remains unknown how signal to noise ratio (SNR) and semantic context affect the recruitment of the articulatory motor system when listening to continuous speech.… Read more →

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Is even softer than previous letter to Iran and still is talking only about worldcup qualification matches, the group said on its Twitter account. Death and activists in danger didn change FIFA action, they need process and steps for any actions! Stadiums noted this week that judo world governing body has suspended Iran national judo federation for government interference. Iranian… Read more →

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Deforestation, which experts say lies at the root of the forest fires, is increasing in Brazil. Many have blamed Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro. He was elected this year on a staunchly pro business platform and has weakened environmental protection for the Amazon, supporting farmers who would like to use the land for agriculture, according to a Reuters investigation. Literally… Read more →

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