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Ok, my dear friend Kenneth, you are letting your imagination run away with you. Just take one thing into consideration. Chances are those lovely shapes of eyebrows were brushed on from materials in a tube. The celebration of Sen. Capitol.A motorcade with McCain’s remains leaves Thursday morning from the Arizona Capitol, where McCain has been lying in state so thousands… Read more →

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Delineating the critical role of acid additives in Mn catalysed C H bond functionalisation processesHammarback, L. A., Robinson, A., Lynam, J. M. With the advances in telescopes, the reason for this dark divide has been the subject of much research. The first explanations came in the 1970’s and a recent paper summarizes the work done so far on this fascinating… Read more →

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A Palestinians woman watches from a shop window as supporters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) participate in a rally to mark the 45th anniversary of their organization in the West Bank city of Nablus. Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. Turns out, the film showed training exercise, not a real operation. Army issue underwear. One point, Thomas… Read more →

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The chromogenic NC OMCPs showed significantly stronger anion induced color changes compared to the corresponding chromogenic OMCP, and the absorption spectroscopy titrations indicated that chromogenic OMCPs and NC OMCPs also possess different anion binding selectivity. Detailed NMR studies revealed that this rather unusual feature stems from a different anion binding mode in OMCPs and NC OMCPs, one where the beta… Read more →

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Symptoms include central abdominal pain, which comes and goes as the gut contracts, abdominal distension and vomiting. Strangulation will produce constant pain with a tender abdomen, and perforation will produce a rigid ‘washing board’ abdomen. The initial treatment is for the individual to be Nil By Mouth, given intravenous fluids, and have a nasogastric tube inserted via the nose to… Read more →

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Transition wavelengths, transition probabilities, and oscillator strengths of these lines are calculated using the Multi Configuration Dirac Fock method. In this computation, the contribution of relativistic corrections such as two body Breit corrections and QED corrections due to vacuum polarization and self energy has also been considered. FLYCHK simulations are used to analyze the distribution of the various charge states… Read more →