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In this research, we use Weighted Averages (WAs) and Ordered Weighted Averages (OWAs) with Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) to create aggregation operators that model parts of the assessment process. We show how individual overall ratings for security components can be produced from ratings of their characteristics, and how these individual overall ratings can be aggregated to produce overall rankings of potential… Read more →

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Notably, electrooxidation of the PIL anions occurs at the same potential, regardless of whether Pt, Au, or Pd is used as the electrode. In contrast, electrooxidation of water in the PIL occurs at different potentials in the PIL as the electrode composition changes. These results show that the electrochemical window of the PIL is independent of the electrode composition, but… Read more →

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HAS HALLOWEEN BECOME TOO FRIGHTENINGNew research from the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort reveals changing attitudes to Halloween Three in ten British parents have NEVER told their children a ghost story, while more than half admit they have changed the ending of a book so not to upset their youngsters, according to a new study from the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. Researchers polled… Read more →

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Agritech Exhibition and Conference is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of Agriculture, with past events hosting tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. Our efforts to keep you at the forefront of agriculture and water technology innovation and thought leadership have seen us hold events in India, Israel, Italy, and Latin America. In 2020… Read more →

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REPRESENTATIVE MILLER: Thank you very much. This issue of insurance reform is I think where most families intersect with their insurance companies, with the health security of their families. And let’s start out with our commonalities in the bill that REPRESENTATIVE Boehner Leader Boehner, offered on the floor. J., Bantawa, K., Bartolome, P. A., Beck, R., Bekrenev, V., Berghuser, H.,… Read more →

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