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Il Galaxy Fold in giro da un po’, la sua versione di “prova” almeno. Si, perch dopo averlo lanciato e in procinto di portarlo sul mercato, Samsung ha dovuto richiamare indietro le poche unit spedite per rafforzare cerniera e altri parti hardware, che si era mostrate troppo inclini a problematiche dovute all’utilizzo, forse anche maldestro. Beh, che i pieghevoli siano… Read more →

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Walker also called upon free African Americans to themselves and to promote the cause of slaves through education and evangelical Christianity, and he predicted a race war if white Americans did not repent of the sins of slavery and racism. Before the emergence of abolitionism, many white leaders of the antislavery movement had promoted colonization for a forced resettlement of… Read more →

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That’s how the FDA operates: censor any scientists who speak out against prescription drugs. Better yet, just fire them and blackball the whole lot. Only positive information about drugs is accepted by the FDA, and if you work for the agency, you’re encouraged to understand that message as quickly as possible through a system of intimidation and censorship.. Luxury Gifts… Read more →

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Parasitic diseases affect millions of people worldwide, causing debilitating illnesses and death. Rapid and cost effective approaches to detect parasites are needed, especially in resource limited settings. A common signature of parasitic diseases is the release of specific proteases by the parasites at multiple stages during their life cycles. No one can fault this line of thinking no matter how… Read more →

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The institute work has helped rewrite heat related protocols for the military along with the NFL, college football and other sports. Casa research, for example, proved that treating a heat stroke immediately on site to bring a body temperature down below 104 degrees can dramatically increase survival rates. That led to NFL teams putting cooling tubs at practice sites.. The… Read more →