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Huygens analyzed this problem using geometric methods (an early use of calculus), and determined that the time it takes is the same, regardless of its starting point. Furthermore, he solved the problem of how to calculate the period of a pendulum, describing the reciprocal relationship between the center of oscillation and the pivot point. In the same work, he analyzed… Read more →

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Background: Suicide is a global public health concern, but it is preventable. Increased contact with primary care before the suicide or attempted suicide raises opportunities for intervention and prevention. However, suicide assessment and management is an area that many General Practitioners (GPs) find particularly challenging. (2) How we use (and do not use) personally identifiable information: This Privacy Policy serves… Read more →

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GRAPH: Story continues under graph Bathurst recorded the third highest increase in the median cost of a home, with a jump of 25.2 per cent from $343,500 to $430,000. Bathurst Real Estate principal/director Michael Whittaker said he was not surprised by the increased median house prices for the local area. “It probably all part and parcel of what happens in… Read more →

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J., 2016, Comprehensive Analysis of Parasite Biology: From Metabolism to Drug Discovery. Muller, S., Cerdan, R. Radulescu, O. This investigation is not only pertinent to the understanding of Germany during the 1970s, it is also valuable in understanding the implications of power dynamics in most modern societies today.This research investigates the power dynamics at work in shaping the identities of… Read more →

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In May 2017, Jepsen released the single “Cut to the Feeling”. The song was originally intended for Emotion, but instead appeared in the animated film Ballerina, in which Jepsen voices a supporting role. “Party for One”, the lead single from Jepsen’s upcoming fourth studio album, was released on November 1, 2018. Refrain from obscenity in your comments, and to keep… Read more →

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Activity data sought were: step count, time sedentary, time standing and Metabolic Equivalent of Task. Care records were checked for falls.Results: 10/16 residents agreed to wear accelerometers. 7 wore them for 7 days and the remainder for 4, 5 and 6 days respectively. M., Bunevicius, A., Castro e Couto, T., Chaudron, L. H., Correa, H., Pinheiro de Figueiredo, F., Eapen,… Read more →

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Galileo accepted the Copernican theory, which placed the Sun, not the Earth, at the centre of the known Universe. When he tried to persuade others on this point, he was arrested and put on trial by the Catholic Church, who promoted the geocentric view as taught by the ancient Greek philosophers. This became one of history’s most infamous clashes between… Read more →

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