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“We expect that crop to be a little larger than last year,” DiPiazza said in the interview. “We’ve been planting Cuties since we launched them, so each year we have additional acreage that comes into production and gives us anywhere from 10% to 15% more total supply based on acreage we’re growing. And our volume will be significantly up from… Read more →

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A longtime supporter of Mlaga CF, Banderas is also an officer (mayordomo de trono) of a Roman Catholic religious brotherhood in his hometown of Mlaga and travels during Holy Week to take part in the processions, although he once described himself as an agnostic in an interview with People magazine. 2009, Banderas underwent surgery for a benign tumor in his… Read more →

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Fortunately, solutions are possible. After all, these days, compelling lectures and well stocked libraries are available at the click of a button. A bold pilot project, sponsored by a Dubai based organization reflects this reality. He helped pass the Harrison Land Act. After serving as delegate, he took on the role of governor of the Indiana territory in 1800, which… Read more →

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Children spend a large proportion of their school day engaged in tasks that require manual dexterity. If children experience difficulties with their manual dexterity skills it can have a consequential effect on their academic achievement. The first aim of this paper was to explore whether an online interactive typing intervention could improve children TMs scores on a standardised measure of… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractHydrogen sulfide (HS) is a gaseous mediator synthesized from cysteine by cystathionine lyase (CSE) and other naturally occurring enzymes. Pharmacological experiments using HS donors and genetic experiments using CSE knockout mice suggest important roles for this vasodilator gas in the regulation of blood vessel caliber, cardiac response to ischemia/reperfusion injury, and inflammation. That HS inhibits cytochrome c… Read more →

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Quantum devices have also significantly advanced such that components of a scalable quantum computer have been demonstrated in a variety of quantum systems. In this talk, I will attempt to reveal some of the mysteries of this disruptive computational paradigm. Krysta Svore is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, where she manages the Quantum Architectures and Computation… Read more →

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“I monitored some of these pits during northern summer of Mars year 31 (2011 2012). The pits appeared to enlarge over time, starting from depressions roughly centered on the pits observed in in 2008. My interpretation is that these pits are depressions within the residual cap that formed through collapse above a fault or fracture. Voyager 1 image of Valhalla,… Read more →

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Everyone who successfully creates time for self care has their own little rituals that help them stay on track. Disconnecting from technology is an often heard piece of advice, but it also one of the hardest to enforce. That way, there no temptation to scroll through your newsfeed when you could be meditating or mindfully cooking a healthy meal. The… Read more →

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