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Modular polyketide synthases (PKSs) produce numerous structurally complex natural products with diverse applications in medicine and agriculture. They typically consist of several multienzyme subunits that utilize structurally defined docking domains (DDs) at their N and C termini to ensure correct assembly into functional multi protein complexes. Here we report a fundamentally different mechanism for subunit assembly in trans AT modular… Read more →

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Four global themes emerged and included suspicion, risk, agreement and encompassing systems level factors. Rather, than a simple risk benefit view of the process, it is more useful to view this as a dynamic process in which unique considerations such as the morality of opioid use exert an effect. Recognising the inherent complexity of the process and the limitations of… Read more →

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After this, and as seen in other records from the Eastern Mediterranean, there is a millennial scale drying trend through the Mid Holocene Transition. The relatively dry late Holocene is punctuated by centennial scale drought intervals, at the times of 4.2 ka event TM and Late Bronze Age societal collapse TM. Overall, we show that central Turkey is drier when… Read more →

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