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But bringing children to a march or rally helps designate the events as and might deter violent outbursts, Chenoweth said. From a practical standpoint, sometimes bringing children is the only way for parents to participate. And much of the protesting now involves women who may be primary caregivers for their children, said Chenoweth.. In other words, if you eat two… Read more →

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While we are losing the opportunity to hear the experiences of the early wars, communities are now finding other ways to share those stories. It starts with the cenotaphs, but now it is expanded to memorial trees or other physical tributes, museum exhibitions, historical performances by community institutions and more. We are seeing more individuals turning out to Remembrance Day… Read more →

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The aim of the thesis is to leverage the research outcomes to other countries in the Middle East and to make recommendations based on the lessons learned. Additionally, the thesis opens up new avenues for future researchers and practitioners.The core of the empirical research discussion of this thesis is built around the prudential regulations of the Lebanese banking system. Four… Read more →

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Hazardous waste poses substantial or potential threats to the public health and the environment. It does not necessarily mean there is an immediate risk to human health, although with some waste this can happen. Hazardous waste is not only produced as by products of industrial processes, even households generate potentially dangerous waste from items such as batteries, used computer equipment,… Read more →

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Objectives: Evidence from the US Truth campaign suggests that interventions focusing on tobacco industry practices and ethics may be effective in preventing youth smoking uptake. We developed, piloted and evaluated a school based intervention based on this premise.Methods: Exploratory study Students in Years 7 “8 (aged 11 “13) in two UK schools received Operation Smoke Storm, comprising three 50 minute… Read more →

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