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The mu opioid receptor agonist DAMGO was microinjected into the rostroventral medulla, to activate endogenous pain modulatory systems, in MIA and control rats and refex excitability measured using electromyography. DAMGO (3ng) had a signifcantly larger inhibitory effect in MIA treated rats than in controls. These data show distinct temporal contribtuions of TRPV1 expressing nociceptors and opioidergic pain control systems at… Read more →

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Notably, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths in low income countries the general lack of accessibility to surgery or alternative tumor treatments in developing countries and the promising results presented in this study, enhanced ethanol ablation is a promising method to meet the unmet clinical need of rising cancer mortality that challenges healthcare systems in developing… Read more →

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The story is about Christine Chubbuck, a single woman who works in a local television newsroom. She is nearing thirty and her career seems to have stalled. She wants to do positive human interest stories, but the big boss, concerned about his failing station, wants to focus on crime, murder, and sensationalism it bleeds, it leads was his motto.. As… Read more →

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Dessent, C. E. H., 17 Jan 2019Article in Physical Chemistry Chemical PhysicsObservation of Near Threshold Resonances in the Flavin Chromophore Anions Alloxazine and LumichromeMatthews, E. Justice William J. Brennan (1)h is arguable that [the] debate has been resolved, namely whethereconomic, social and cultural rights can be denied the status of humanrights on the basis that they are not judicially enforceable… Read more →

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