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The stadium is part of a $250 million tourism project, City for Champions, that includes three other attractions, including the Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame. The stadium is the most expensive attraction, with a price tag of roughly $92 million. Miller’s cost reference includes financing charges, which can double the actual cost over the life of the debt.. “Es… Read more →

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2 DoF Rotational mechanism is increasingly utilized in a large range of industrial applications. However, the structures of most of the existing mechanisms are very complex, which is a significant challenge for building them, due to the tight tolerance and assembly difficulties. In this paper, a class of 2 DoF tendon driven parallel kinematics mechanisms (TDPKM) are introduced, which can… Read more →

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The City of Fort smith sought out a contract with a vendor that specializes in providing animal licensing services to municipalities and counties on September 4. Two proposals were received, and the City will choose one within the next few weeks. Shortly after, information about how residents can go about licensing their pet dogs and cats will be released.. Constantine… Read more →

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Before and after the supplementation period (28 days), the athletes performed two specific repeated sprint ability tests interspaced by a 30 minute swimming test. Participants received 4.8gday 1 of the supplement (dextrose or alanine) on the first 10 days and 6.4gday 1 on the final 18 days. There was no significant group time interaction for any variable. Moreover, these effects… Read more →

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